BRAVEAURORA currently supports the village Guabuliga in the north
of Ghana 
(as well as adjoining villages) with various village development
projects. At various levels, we work to open future prospects for all children and
their families in Guabuliga.

Originally, orphans in Ghana, as in many other African countries, were placed in orphanages without seeking alternative solutions. Most of these homes are not state registered, nor do they have sufficient standards of quality child care. Children in these institutions face various forms of abuse, especially if the institution is not registered at the local Ghanaian Department of Welfare, DSW (like the majority in Northern Ghana).

There are many different reasons for the high number of orphans in Ghana: Diseases and lack of medical care are the main causes. Ghana also has a large number of social orphans, who are children with both or one parent, who are unable to care for the child and therefore give it to institutions in the hope to grant the child a better life there. Traditional influences, such as the loss of custody of children when the mother remarries, or the connection to witchcraft and evil spirits when the parents die prematurely (especially in the north of Ghana), contribute the rest to the high number of orphans.

BRAVEAURORA is convinced that it is the best for a child to grow up in its family or in a family context and therefore has worked for years with the Ghanaian Ministry of Family Affairs to establish the reintegration of orphans into their extended family structures.