New Guabuliga Market

New Guabuliga Market

BRAVEAURORA has supported the rural community of Guabuliga for the past ten years in various ways to improve the wellbeing of its inhabitants. Recently, the organization resolved to construct a market for the community with the involvement of the [applied] Foreign Affairs lab at the Institute of Architecture from the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Research revealed that a functioning market will be central to the growth of the community.

A group of six students led by architect Baerbel Mueller conducted research, planned and designed a market for the community in collaboration with BRAVEAURORA and the traditional leadership.

Guabuliga had a thriving market in the past that brought together goods and services from far and near. The market has for some years now been moribund and it is with a renewed spirit that all stakeholders are working to revamp it.

It is the hope of everyone involved to restore the market to its former glory. It is our vision to make the market a hub for organically grown produce and to serve as a one-stop-shop for all household needs, catalyzing growth and development in the surroundings.

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