With our projects we aim to abolish illegal orphanages in Ghana, confront economic and ecological challenges and develop access to education.

Every child needs its family!
It has been proven through several studies that a child evolves best in a family structure. In Ghana, nine out of ten children who live in orphanages still have family. Most orphanages are operated illegally and financial difficulties put pressure on families to give their child in such homes. BRAVEAUORA is therefore campaigning for the abolition of illegal orphanages in Ghana and raises awareness around the topic of “volunteer tourism”.

We develop solutions
BRAVEAURORA wants to open future perspectives not only for orphans, but for all children and their families in Northern Ghana. Together with the people of Guabuliga and local partners, we therefore work out sustainable solutions to avoid hunger, poverty, education traps, and how to cope with environmental challenges in a better way. All these mentioned factors are often related. Various projects, for example how to transfer knowledge at the village level, provide access to comprehensive educational and new, future-oriented income opportunities.

Our understanding of sustainable development cooperation
Our self-help measures aim to avoid dependencies. The village population is involved in all phases of the projects. The long-term goals of BRAVEAURORA are to be able to finally hand over the projects to the villagers and transfer project structures from Guabuliga to other villages in the north of Ghana.