Mitterbergerweg 6, A-4040 Linz

Österreich (Headquarters)
Mitterbergerweg 6
A-4040 Linz

Schweiz (Branch Office)
Höschgasse 68
CH-8005 Zurich

Baba Seidu

Synergy Security Services Limited
111 Rolyat Casstle Road
Kokomlemle, Accra



    Support BRAVEAURORA in the long term and shape a sustainable development together with us. Become a member of BRAVEAURORA.

    For BRAVEAURORA transparency is very important. Therefore the bank accounts for donations and administrative costs are strictly separated. All donations arrive 1:1 to our project in the north of Ghana.

    Donations which will go 100 % to the children and the village!

    AUSTRIAN DONATION ACCOUNT Account name: Verein Braveaurora Number of account: 4302063 BLZ: 34455IBAN: AT873445500004302063 BIC: RZOOAT2L455 Raiffeisenbank Region Schärding eGen A-4780 Schärding am Inn

    SWISS DONATION ACCOUNT Account name: BRAVEAURORA Number of account: 0835-1742549-71 Clearing-Nr: 4835 IBAN: CH1304835174254971000 BIC: CRESCHZZ80A Credit Suisse Seefeldstrasse 1 CH-8008 Zürich

    Donations which will be used for the associaton BRAVEAURORA:

    On this account only donations with explicit purpose of administrative costs of the donators will go there. Administrative costs will exclusevely used for needed office material, association stock and travel expenses. In these cases BRAVEAURORA always considers to take the cheapest version and possibility.

    Name of account: Verein Braveaurora  Number of account: 80004302063 BLZ: 34455 IBAN: AT763445580004302063 BIC: RZOOAT2L455 Raiffeisenbank Region Schärding eGen A-4780 Schärding am Inn

    In Austria

    You too should benefit from your donation. Donations to BRAVEAURORA are tax deductible. That means you can donate more without spending more!

    This is how donor deductibility works An automatic service for donors exists since 01.01.2017.

    1. Donate any amount to BRAVEAURORA. 2. If you let us know your date of birth, you will consent to the automatic inclusion of your employee donation: 3. If your data is correct, all your annual donations will be reported automatically to the tax office.

    Being a beneficiary of a donation means certified security BRAVEAURORA has been on the list of charitable organizations since 2013. This means that we get reviewed annually. This is how we ensure transparency to our donors and certainty, that donations will be used for specific purposes.

    If you have any questions, please dont hesitate contacting Julia Obereder:

    In Switzerland

    In Switzerland, BRAVEAURORA is registered as a non-profit association and is a tax-exempt institution. Accordingly, BRAVEAURORA is also listed in the list of tax-exempt institutions of the canton of Zurich.

    If you have any questions, please contact Julia Obereder: