BRAVEAURORA and the Global Giving Accelerator Program

BRAVEAURORA and the Global Giving Accelerator Program

Yeah – it’s official: BRAVEAURORA is part of the Global Giving Accelerator Program!

What’s this?

A fundraising program until 30 September on a global platform that offers us a great opportunity to find new partners and supporters for our work all over the world.

Our goal: From 14.-30. September a total of 10,000 Euros to be won from at least 40 different donors!!
If we can do that, we will become a permanent member of the Global Giving Platform and we can continuously post projects, raise donations and win partners.

This opportunity comes at an infinitely important and challenging time. We are all in a situation that is characterized by many uncertainties. Our projects are also currently affected by a sharp drop in donations and this at a time when our work is more important than ever.

Because the COVID-19 crisis is also bringing many families into precarious living conditions in Ghana. This fact is alarming to our team. We know that with increasing poverty and hopelessness, the risk also increases that the children in their families can no longer be adequately cared for and then often end up in orphanages. Through our varied projects we fight every day to create perspectives for families and BRAVEAURORA means an indispensable source of resources and hope for many people in northern Ghana. In order to continue to guarantee this and to reach even more people with our work, we need you!

We ask for your support!

Become part of this campaign and please support us via our Global Giving project page via PayPal or credit card.

This is how it works:

1. Click on the following link:
2. Enter data (PayPal or credit card)
3. Support donations and children in Ghana!

Attention: Only those donations in the period from 14.-30. September donated to us through the Global Giving website).
Together we can achieve 10,000 euros!

Which project does your money go into?

With your donation you support our YAP project!

The YAP project (Young Ambassadors Program = ambassadors for reintegration) is a follow-up project to successful reintegration.

Former orphans and their family members visit villages in the Northern regions together with our social workers, discuss the topic of reintegration into the family association, as well as the topic of “volunteer tourism” and educate the population about support options.

The young people were trained to become so-called peers (multipliers = disseminators) and report from their own experience how difficult it is to grow up in an orphanage without a family and how warm it is for children to be in their family . The training is regularly refreshed and expanded with new methods to ensure that the program is adapted to the latest developments in child protection.

In addition to the awareness work in the villages, we do this again on the radio. Together with important partners in child protection such as Ghanaian Department of Social Welfare, the YAP team provides information via radio on a wide range of topics relating to the well-being of children. At the end of each program there is the opportunity for listeners to call and ask questions or share experiences. The radio broadcasts take place in the local radio station Eagle FM in Walewale and reach over 10,000 people per broadcast.