BRAVEAURORA is committed to follow three main principles in order to provide optimal support to children at risk and their families in Africa.

Help for long-term self-help
BRAVEAURORA does not create dependencies with its projects, but rather creates new sources of income in the long term to counteract problems such as hunger or poverty. This is achieved by constantly communicating and sharing knowledge with the villagers, local experts, staff and cooperation partners. The active participation of the villagers in all project steps is the starting point for all projects and decisions.

Principle of transparency
BRAVEAURORA carries out its activities with the utmost transparency and guarantees that every donation received will be used 1: 1 for the project work. Donors and sponsors are always given the opportunity to track the direct proceeds of their donation. Our financial report is audited annually by an independent auditor. In addition, we have been carrying the Austrian donation seal since 2013, with an annual audit that aligns with strict criteria.

Principles of sustainability
BRAVEAURORA makes every investment based on the positive answer to three questions:

  1. Is our idea “convincing“?
  2. Is our idea “responsible“?
  3. Is our idea “future-shaping“?

A convincing answer to these questions makes it possible to implement projects responsibly and to invest sustainably. We want to empower the inhabitants of Guabuliga to use new methods and mediated knowledge for themselves, thereby making us independent of ourselves. We do not want to leave any traces, but to achieve the best possible social impact in the population and to successively return our projects to them.

In our statutes you will find our binding purpose of the association, our fields of activity and principles listed: Download of the statutes