Julia Obereder, M.A.

Deputy-Chairlady | julia.obereder@braveaurora.com

Julia was born in 1987 in Upper Austria and found her social consciousness from an early age. She started studying “Social Work” with an emphasis on “Intercultural Competence” at the University of Applied Sciences in Upper Austria, which she finished with a Master-Degree in June 2013. Furthermore, she has completed the training in the area of Asylum- and Alien Law at Caritas Austria. For more than two years, Julia worked at the department of Migrant-Assistance at Caritas Linz and in 2013, she took over the position as director for a refugee-residence in Upper Austria. At the moment Julia works as a social worker with the Department of Social Welfare in Austria. Julia spends her spare-time at her local music-association and in discovering foreign countries and cultures.